Free vue components library and admin dashboard

EnzymeUI is a free and open source Vue.js and Bootstrap components library and admin dashboard. Save hundreds of development and designing hours! Build your next SaaS or internal application at the speed of ⚡

EnzymeUI Admin Dashboard Demo

Features of Enzyme UI

EnzymeUI uses well established and popular Bootstrap css framework as the foundation for seamless and responsive design and styling structure. Use our pre-defined template or customize SASS files to better match with your brand and design.
Vue.js without jQuery
Long live jQuery! Welcome Vue.js! EnzymeUI comes with a fresh and modern view on bundle size and tries to use as few external dependencies as possible to minimize the size of javascript and css bundles. All components are written in Vue single file components with separate sass files for styling.
Hand crafted custom design
Designing user interface can be a daunting challenge for many! This is exactly why we created EnzymeUI. This template will help you to create beatiful and functional user interfaces without a designer. Or if you are a designer EnzymeUI will help you to implement your project faster without a need to hire expensive developers.
Well documented
Great documentation is the key for all software projects. Admin dashboard and other fronend templates are no different! That’s why try to do our best when providing you with clear and concise documentation of each EnzymeUI component with clear and useful examples.
Highly customizable components
EnzymeUI comes with over 20 highly customizable and functional free components that will perfectly fit for nearly all dashboard based applications. From buttons to file dropzones, toasts notifications, tooltips and tables - you name it. EnzymeUI has you covered!
Free and open source
The free version of EnzymeUI is always free and open source! We strongly believe that great products can be built upon open source software!

Made by developers for developers

EnzymeUI is a product made by developer for developers. Follow me on twitter for updates.

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