# Overview

Enzyme UI is premium Boostrap based ui components library and admin dashboard template.

This documentation will help you to set up your Enzyme UI project and help you as a reference guide to components and widgets.

# Libraries and frameworks

Enzyme UI is currently available in these frameworks:

Unlike a lot of other template products, Enzyme UI focuses on having fewer dependencies, therefore, whenever possible we will try to implement component functionality by ourselves instead of relying on third party plugins which can often carry unnecessary weight for bundle size. Thus, Enzyme UI offers ui components library with smaller bundle size.

Frameworks and plugins used:

# File structure

Enzyme UI file structure of default project is show below:

  • node_modules
  • public
  • src
    • assets
    • components
    • data
    • directives
    • helpers
    • plugins
    • views
    • widgets
    • App.vue
    • main.js
    • router.js
  • .eslintrc
  • .gitignore
  • babel.config.js
  • package.json
  • package-lock.json
  • README.md
  • vue.config.js

# Installation and setup

Node (opens new window) is required in order to develop or build Enzyme UI project.

Once you have downloaded and set up your development environment with Enzyme UI project:

In your command line simply run

npm install

This will install all required dependencies and node_modules

Enzyme UI uses Vue Cli (opens new window) for development and production, therefore, standard vue-cli workflow scripts are available.

Run this command in your command line to start the development server:

npm run serve

Run this command in your command line to build project (default build directory is dist)

npm run build

For more configuration options please visit Vue Cli (opens new window)

# Support

If you encounter any problems during set up or deployment and if this documentation did not provide you with solution to your problem or you just have an idea or want to provide some feedback. Feel free to contact me via twitter (opens new window)

Paid users can login with their account and submit a support ticket for support. We usually reply in next 24 hours after ticket was submitted.