# Alert

Alert components are used for simple UI notification messages.

# Simple alerts

<alert type="default">default alert</alert>
<alert type="primary">primary alert</alert>
<alert type="secondary">secondary alert</alert>
<alert type="success">success alert</alert>
<alert type="info">info alert</alert>
<alert type="warning">warning alert</alert>
<alert type="danger">danger alert</alert>
<alert type="light">light alert</alert>
<alert type="dark">dark alert</alert>

# Closable alerts

In order to display close button and make alerts closable provide closable Boolean property.

<alert closable type="default">default alert</alert>
<alert closable type="primary">primary alert</alert>
<alert closable type="secondary">secondary alert</alert>
<alert closable type="success">success alert</alert>
<alert closable type="info">info alert</alert>
<alert closable type="warning">warning alert</alert>
<alert closable type="danger">danger alert</alert>
<alert closable type="light">light alert</alert>
<alert closable type="dark">dark alert</alert>

# Props

name default description required type
type primary One of default theme types that will be used to apply color and background styles. Available types are: default, primary, secondary, success, info, warning, danger, light, dark false String
closable false If set to true - close button will be displayed and alert will be closable false Boolean